Pallet Collars

Used in Europe since the early 1960’s, the demand for Pallet Collars around the world is growing in many industries from produce suppliers to automotive parts manufacturers. As a matter of fact, you’ll find Northstate Woodwork Company products in some of the largest warehousing facilities in Australia.



    • Space Saving! When not in use, Pallet Collars just fold away to less than 80% volume!
    • Lightweight yet durable Made from seasoned pine and riveted…not screwed…with galvanised metal hinges
    • Improved working conditions. While filling a Pallet Collar bin/ crate, the height can be increased to the desired height.

      While emptying, the height of the bin/crate can decreased to improve manual handling and reducing the need for stretching and bending over high sides.

    • Pallet Collars are a long-term investment. Pallet Collars have a high second-hand value
  • Northstate Woodwork Company Pallet Collars are ISPM15 Compliant, making them ready for immediate export!
  • Being of solid construction, Pallet Collars will keep your goods/produce safe from damage or spillage.

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